The Place We Call Home


ISBN: 978-0-9562401-8-7

Author: By Kofi Anyidoho


Anyidoho says the title of this collection – The Place We Call Home – first came to him more than a decade ago as a collage of fragmented voices and memories he was to carry with him as he travelled the world, always knowing that there was one place on this earth he could claim to be his own, a place of psychic anchor in a haunted turbulent world.
This collection features poems written to document important world events including “Countdown to GroundZero” born out of 9/11 and its tragic aftermath, the Preface records the writer’s touching anecdote of how he arrived in the US as a writer-in-residence at the end of August 2001 and even visited the World Trade Centre and surrounding area with his daughter three days before the Twin Towers came down in that fateful and tragic firestorm.

This collection of poems is a lamentation and celebration documenting important and epic events in world history including the 200th Anniversary celebration of the Abolition of Slavery in 2007. Anyidoho says, ‘it is the burden and curse of the poet to sing the loss of all our crops after the raging fire has burned the bush and all the harvest into ash.’