The Other Crucifix


ISBN: 978-0-9562401-2-5

Author: Benjamin Kwakye


The Other Crucifix is a unique third novel by Commonwealth Prize winning author Benjamin Kwakye. The novel deals with the African immigrant experience and the struggles of a Ghanaian student in the US. This genre also features in Ghanaian literature by Aidoo’s Our Sister Killjoy and Armah’s Fragments and Why Are We So Blest. But in The Other Crucifix, Kwakye presents a contemporary approach by engaging with American college life in all its ramifications in the transformation of a Ghanaian youth and shows how his protagonist’s immersion in that experience alienates him from home and memories of Ghana fade, until his Uncle Kusi’s death in a coup d’état. The narrator, sympathetic and yet provocative offers a hopeful vision in a world full of drama and intrigue.