We Won’t Budge


ISBN: 978-0-9547023-4-2

Author: Manthia Diawara

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Part autobiographical, part social commentary, this is a powerful and insightful look at the situation of border intellectuals at the beginning of the twenty-first century.


“With humour and the intimacy of a conversational tone, Diawara writes of the ‘global’ African as a nomad at the mercy of whirlwinds of economic and political dislocation at home and racism and intolerance abroad. He is not at home in his country; he is not at home abroad. But the nomad refuses to bow down to those whirlwinds, to let evil turn him around, and against all the odds becomes an active contributor to the multicultural of the globe. This is the story of a diasporic soul that finds home in its own resilience and in so many ways it is all our story.”
Ngugi wa Thiong’o (Author of A Grain of Wheat et al)
“We Won’t Budge is destined to become a classic – it is one of the most insightful, layered and moving accounts of the modern African Diaspora.”
Patricia Williams (Author of The Alchemy of Race & Rights et al)

About the Author

Manthia Diawara is a Professor at the University of New York. He is co-editor of Black Renaissance and Black Genius (with Walter Mosley, Clyde Taylor and Regina Austin) and the author of In Search of Africa. He lives in New York City.