Queen Pokou


ISBN: 978-0-9555079-9-1

Author: Author Véronique Tadjo; translated from the French by Amy Baram Reid


Tadjo uses her powerful and fertile imagination to rekindle an ancient Akan myth and deliberately sets it ablaze! In deceptively simple but poetically elegant prose, she revisits the legend of the Baoulé female ancestor, Queen Abraha Pokou – presenting it not as one authoritative, impermeable text, but as a series of self-regenerating narratives, each version just as colourful, persuasive and compelling as the others. Through this process, Tadjo shows the received texts of history and tradition as they truly are – as subjective fictions capaciously vulnerable to interpretations and reinterpretations. Femi Osofisan, Professor of Drama, Department of Theatre Arts, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.